Take a Look at Are Lily and Michael Still Together? Everything You Need to Know!


Are Michael and Lily still together? Michael and Lily are both members of the content house Offline TV. They started dating in 2019, and since then, their fans have been wondering, “Are Michael and Lily still together?” To learn more about them and whether or not they’re still together, just keep reading.

Who is LilyPichu?

Lily Ki is an Asian American streamer who goes by the name LilyPichu. She makes League of Legends videos on Twitch. She often posts YouTube videos of the best parts of her stream. She is one of four people who make content for Offline TV. She moved from her home in New Jersey to the Offline TV house in California.

Who is Micheal Reeves?

Michael Reeves is an American who is well-known on YouTube and other social media sites. People know him for his YouTube videos called “Comedy Tech.” He also belongs to the Offline TV house. In September 2018, he moved from Hawaii to California for good.

When he was in college, he became popular after putting out a video called “The Robot that Shines a Laser in Your Eye.” Since then, he has made a bunch of tech-related videos. He also began to broadcast on Twitch.

Are Michael And Lily Still Together?

Since then, they’ve been seen together a lot, and it looks like they’re still together. Their fans are very happy about them being together. LilyPichu is a skilled streamer on Twitch.


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She also has a YouTube channel that a lot of people watch. In 2020, there were rumors that Michael was cheating on Lily, but they have been put to rest and they are still together.

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Where Are Michael And Lily Now?

In 2019, LilyPichu was dating Albert “Sleightlymusical” Chang. Their relationship was hard after they moved apart, and there were rumors that Albert had been cheating on her.

Albert later said that he had cheated on his wife. After they broke up, there were rumors that Lily was going out with Michael. In a later YouTube video, LilyPichu confirmed that she was dating Michael. In the video, they just went about their day and had fun.


A YouTuber is someone who makes videos for the video-sharing website YouTube. More specifically, they make videos for one or more YouTube channels, which are subpages that can be changed.

The first time the word was used in English was in 2006. Many creators have used it as a way to get their work out there and make a living doing what they love.


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