Take a Look at Are Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi Still Together? Let’s Find Out.


Are Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi Still Together: Since 2017, Kye and Lizzy have been together, and fans are now wondering What Happened To Kye Kelley And Lizzy Musi. When Lizzy won a car race, Kelley seemed to be upset about it. What happened to Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi is explained here.

What Happened To Kye Kelley And Lizzy Musi?

People know Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi as Street Outlaws racers. They raced against each other, which made people wonder if they were still together after she won and crossed the finish line first.

Are Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi Still Together

Since they were going to get married soon, they got engaged on the day Lizzy crashed at the top of a race. How did Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi get hurt? Are Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi married? Here is the answer.

Are Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi Still Together?

Lizzy and Kye are still dating, and they haven’t said that they’re breaking up. Fans thought they were no longer together because they fought over a race on Street Outlaws, but they still have pictures of each other on Instagram.

Even though Kelley seemed upset that Lizzy had won a car race, he has a picture of them together as his profile picture on social media, and she hasn’t deleted any pictures of them from her Instagram.

Who is Lizzy Musi?

Lizzy Musi is known for being a drag racer, a TV star, and a businesswoman. Lizzy Musi came into the world on January 1, 1991.


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She is a well-known businesswoman, media personality, race car driver, internet star, and resident of Carteret, New Jersey, United States. She began racing when she was 16 years old. Pat Musi, who was a race car driver, gave her ideas.

Who is Kye Kelley?

Kye Kelley, who is from Mississippi, USA, is a well-known car racer and reality TV star. He became well-known when he was on the popular reality racing show “Street Outlaws: New Orleans.” He has raced since he was a teenager. He is now very well-known for how well he races. In 2015, Kye beat the 14-time world champion racer Mike Murillo and set a record for victory. In 2015, he decided to become a full-time race car driver.

Did Kye And Lizzy Get Married?

Since 2017, Kye and Lizzy have been together. In July 2021, they said “I do.” Registry Finder says that Kye Kelley planned to get married on November 19, 2022.

He proposed at a horse race. The day she crashed in the first round of the Darlington Dragway No Prep Kings was also the day she asked him to marry her.

Is Lizzy Musi And Kye Kelley Still Together?

Lizzy wrote about the accident and the happy ending on Instagram:

“He surprised me at the end of the night by asking “THE QUESTION.” I wasn’t sure how I should feel. I was both happy and sad at the same time.


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“YES!” was my answer to him. I want to get engaged to my best friend. I love you. He sure made up for the bad day I had.”

Kye Kelley And Lizzy Musi Wedding

Before he started seeing Lizzy, Kye was married to Alisa Mote, who is now his ex-wife. Kelley and Lizzy were seen enjoying Thanksgiving together just three weeks ago, on November 28, 2022, on the racer’s YouTube channel. Lizzy Musi is active on the social media app Instagram, where she has 300K followers.


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