Are Hamza and Memphis Still Together: There Are Rumors That Hamza and Memphis Have a Child.


90 Day Fiancée Before the Ninety Days’ Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii are no longer together. So, what does Hamza do now that he is free?

90 Day Fiancée Before the Ninety-Days’ Hamza Moknii and Memphis Smith split up soon after they got married, and everyone wants to know what the Tunisian man has been up to since then. At the time, the single mother of two was smitten by Hamza’s good looks and easygoing nature.

Before 90 Day Fiancé’s Memphis flew to Tunisia to marry the love of her life, they talked on video for a little less than a year. Most of the time, the pair got along well, even though they both had things to deal with from their pasts.

They met on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off when Memphis said the only words they could both understand were “sexy time” while they were on a video call. After that, when Memphis met Hamza for the first time, she found out that his mother wasn’t as open as she let on.

she was and that Hamza had told her lies about how old he was. Memphis thought about getting a prenup because of trust issues, but it was too late to do so. Even though they wanted a prenup, they got married anyway. A week later, on their honeymoon, Memphis found out she was pregnant. This happened at the end of season 5 of Before the 90 Days. During the “Tell-All” event, Hamza was in the U.S., and it seemed like their relationship was going well.

Still, some people thought Memphis and Hamza might have broken up after Memphis posted a lot of vague Instagram updates in February.

The Journey of Hamza and Memphis in Season 5 of “Before the 90 Days”

Memphis, a 34-year-old single mother of two, goes all the way from Muskegon, Michigan to Kairouan, Tunisia to be with Hamza, who is 28 years old and the love of her life. After talking every day for months via video chats, phone calls, and texts, Hamza asked Memphis to marry him online.

She said yes and planned a trip to Tunisia, where they plan to get married, to meet Hamza for the first time.


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But in their relationship so far, there have been some major warning signs. Hamza’s lie to Memphis about his age is a big problem. He told her that he was 28 years old, but he was actually only 26.

Memphis and Hamza still want to get married, despite the lies, the language barrier, and the cultural differences. She hopes that he will fill out her family and make it whole.

There Are Rumors That Hamza and Memphis Have a Child.

Many people say that Hamza and Memphis already have a child together. Someone who said they were Memphis’s ex-boyfriend (@Travgrspawn86) tweeted a possible spoiler about how Memphis and Hamza were doing in their relationship.

On January 9, 2022, Memphis’s alleged ex-boyfriend tweeted, “When you find out your ex is on a TV show, now everyone can see why I let her go.”


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A fan who was interested asked the fan which member of the “Memphis” cast he was talking about, and he said it was about “Memphis.” Another fan asked if he was Memphis’ ex, who she had talked about on the show. He said no, because they don’t have kids together.

The alleged ex then told a shocking piece of news. He wrote, “Oh, and here’s a spoiler: She is bipolar and was pregnant with his child; she gave birth a few months ago.” Then he wrote, “The show is taped and airs like a year later lol.”

Are Hamza and Memphis Still Together in 2022?

Even though Memphis’ alleged ex says that Memphis and Hamza have a child together, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re still together. Memphis and Hamza are no longer following each other on Instagram as of February 13, 2022. This could mean that they aren’t together anymore.


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They still have pictures of each other on their Instagram profiles, though. So we don’t know if they’re still together or not. To find out if Hamza and Memphis are still together or not, fans will have to watch Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Before the 90 Days airs on TLC and discovery+ every Sunday.

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