Are Emma and Micah Still Together: What is Emma Hernan Net Worth and Earnings?


Although we first learned about the businesswoman Emma Hernan through Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” in late 2021, it’s clear that she works just as hard and is just as self-assured. It follows that Emma is drawn to guys who match her interests, as shown in season 5, which luckily moved past the plotline involving her relationship with the ex she shares with Christine Quinn. Instead, the season focused on the realtor’s friendship with real estate developer Micah McDonald when it was revealed that Ben Affleck supposedly once sought her out. So, let’s learn more about their relationship, shall we?

Are Emma and Micah Still Together

Emma and Micah’s Selling Sunset Journey

Emma Hernan doesn’t frequently mix work and pleasure, but when she met Micah McDonald to discuss the opulent home he was constructing on Lloydcrest Drive in Los Angeles, she couldn’t help but flirt. Since Emma is already a multi-millionaire, it wasn’t because of the property; rather, it was because Micah is equally handsome, successful, and secure as Emma is. After he reacted to her banter by inviting her out for drinks at his soon-to-open kitchen and bar, the owner of a vegan empanada brand did worry that he might be a “f**kboy,” but she knew she had to follow through.

In actuality, during their brief talk, Emma and Micah discovered they have a great deal in common, thus it was only natural for them to continue exploring their relationship. The two were always on the same page, whether it was their love for their respective families or their passion for both the real estate and the food and beverage industries. These aspects were reinforced during their mezcal date at Micah’s Sagrado Restaurant in Atwater Village, which was full of not only cordial conversations but also a few innuendos. Yet it appears that neither Emma nor Micah took any action that evening.

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Later, the pair did express their (unsurprisingly identical) views on the idea of striking up a friendship before getting involved, but they did become closer. Emma is mostly based in Los Angeles, whilst Micah divides his time between the City of Angels and his hometown of Houston, but it really seemed like they were able to stay in touch. When it came to keeping things straight, they were completely professional, but when it was just the two of them, Emma and Micah just enjoyed each other’s company and made love in his hot tub.

Are Emma and Micah Still Together

Were Emma and Micah Together?

We cannot rule out the possibility that Emma Hernan and Micah McDonald once dated, despite the fact that they currently do not even follow one another on social media. After all, on the Netflix original, Micah gushed about how much he appreciated Emma’s “go-getter” mentality, and Emma herself said she saw a future relationship since he didn’t mince words. In the series, Emma said, “I feel like I absolutely know his intentions, and I enjoy that. I’d prefer for him to be up front and honest, and I get the impression that he isn’t messing around.
Furthermore, Emma has maintained that “Micah and I clearly share something unique. There’s no doubt that we still savour one other’s company. However, there are no labels. My life is enjoyable. We’re both quite busy… He’s obviously not entirely in LA right now, so that obviously makes a difference. It would be good to, you know, have a relationship where they’re at least in the same state after doing the long-distance thing for so long. Undoubtedly, there has been some progress since season 5 finished. We’ve grown in intimacy. But that’s basically where it is. She continued, “Perhaps season 6 will have a label or ring. No one knows.
However, in early 2022, following the completion of filming, Emma was seen on a few occasions with her ex Peter Cornell (described above), despite numerous media reporting she is unmarried. An acquaintance of Emma’s told Page Six in February that there is “absolutely nothing romantic going on” between them because “they’ve been pals for years, they’re co-workers.” Emma is very busy with her business and enjoys being single. She is a young, gorgeous woman, and as such, she is dating. In all honesty, it appears from the founder of Emma Leigh & Co.’s Instagram profile that she hasn’t been seriously dating anyone recently and is instead just preoccupied with her business.

What is Emma Hernan Net Worth and Earnings?

According to some sources, Emma receives a salary from The Oppenheim Group of about $500,000. A 3% commission is typically paid to the agents for each listing they successfully sell.

Although a significant sum, it might be argued that she makes a comparable or even higher sum through her own commercial endeavours. The famous real estate agent hasn’t yet disclosed how much money her business and investments bring in. She has a $3 million fortune.

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