Are Craig and Paige Still Together? There Are Rumors That Craig and Paige Have a Child.


In 2022, when the eighth season of Southern Charm premieres, viewers are wondering if Craig Conover, 33, and Paige DeSorbo, 29, are still together. The show’s eighth season premiered on June 23, bringing with it both familiar names and newcomers to the Bravo show. Craig has been a member of the Southern Charm cast since the show’s inception in 2014.

The Bravo programme is notorious for its cast members and their ex-partners having to attend gatherings together and interact. Therefore, the cast is certainly not unfamiliar with relationship difficulties. Among all the couples featured on the show in 2022, people are most curious about Craig and Paige’s relationship situation.

What Exactly Transpired Between Craig and Naomie?

Fans of the original Southern Charm will recall that Naomie Olindo and Craig were a couple in the past.

They moved in together, he gave her a promise ring, and their relationship appeared to be secure.

Craig and Naomie separated in 2017, though. They met at the College of Charleston and dated for around three years.


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When Did Craig and Paige Meet?

Craig met Paige in 2019 while filming the Bravo series Summer House, years after his divorce from Naomie.

They did not become friends until they began filming Winter House. The first season of the show premiered in 2021. When they originally met, they were both in relationships with other individuals, but they chose to make their relationship official in October 2021, per People.

A few of months later, in December 2021, the two became Instagram official.

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Craig and Paige, Are They Still Together?

Fans of Southern Charm may wonder in 2022 if Craig and Paige are still together based on how they handle their relationship on the Bravo series.

Fans on Twitter have noticed that Craig’s ex-girlfriend Naomie is in the same buddy group as Craig, which has caused some embarrassment for the trio.

Craig and Paige remain together in August of 2022. People reports that the two are “looking forward to a future together.”


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Page Six revealed at the end of June that Craig and Paige had a long distance romance but were making it work.

Craig uploaded on his Instagram Stories on August 11 a photo of himself and Paige from Southern Charm filming before to Thursday’s episode airing.

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Did Craig and Paige Break Up?

Before going into the nitty-gritty of their separation, let’s take a brief look at Craig and Paige’s relationship.

No. Craig and Paige haven’t broken up. They have always had an easy time. Paige stated that she rarely needs to explain herself because their views on the majority of issues coincide. She stated, “It’s incredibly natural and a great deal of fun.”

In November, the couple enjoyed Thanksgiving with their respective families in New York and Delaware. This demonstrated how serious they are.

After a few months together, Craig and Paige generated speculations of a breakup. It was at that time when the couple revealed they were doing well despite their long-distance relationship. This brought relief to the fans! This idea is exacerbated by the fact that Craig’s ex-girlfriend, Naomie Olindo, is in his same social group. Naomie, who was aware of their relationship, stated, “I like Paige.

I believe she and Craig are a fantastic combination. I believe they are quite content. I adore that about him.” It is quite clear that Craig and Naomie are still excellent friends and do not have a negative relationship.

The reports that Craig and Paige had broken up turned out to be false! In addition, they are reportedly looking forward to their wedding. Best wishes for the rest of Craig and Paige’s lives! Wishing for the announcement of their wedding to come soon!

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