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Are Brooke and Cru still together? The reality show Back in Groove made Brooke and Cru fall hard for each other. Now, their fans want to know if Brooke and Cru are still together or not. In this article, we’ll talk about Back in Groove, the relationship between Brooke and Cru, and whether or not Brooke and Cru are still together.

Back In Groove 2022

In the Hulu reality show “Back in the Groove,” three single women in their 40s who want to spice up their lives by dating younger men. On the hunt, they end up at The Groove Hotel, where 24 eligible bachelors are all trying to get their attention.


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Even though the bachelors try to impress during group dates and one-on-one conversations, it is ultimately the women who have the power to get rid of people until they find their perfect matches. It’s about three women who go to a resort in the Dominican Republic to find their youth again, have fun, and fall in love with men half their age.

Are Brooke And Cru Still Together?

After Gary left the show, Brooke’s only connection was with Cru, which made them both happy. Also, her sister, who had come to the Groove Hotel to show her support, praised Cru’s efforts and was glad to see how much he cared about Brooke.


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Also, after a great last date in the last episode, Brook invited Cru to spend the night at her place, and the two of them checked out of The Groove Hotel as a couple. Brooke and Cru haven’t said much about their relationship status in public because they are both very private about their private lives.

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They talk to most of their “Back in the Groove” co-stars and share bits of their daily lives, but they haven’t shown up on each other’s social media yet. So, as of now, we don’t know if they’re dating or not, and like you, we’re hoping for a good answer from their side.

After Back in Groove, Brooke and Cru Got Back Together.

Brooke Mora was 42 years old when she was filmed. She was a personal trainer from Los Angeles, California. When she talked about her past relationships, she said that she had been hurt a lot and had built up walls to protect herself.

In other words, she had trouble trusting people and was afraid of being hurt again after putting so much time and effort into a relationship. Cru is a tattoo artist from Provo, Utah, and he is 30 years old.

On the other hand, he said that he liked older women because they were confident and always knew what they wanted and needed. Cru had a crush on Brooke when they first met, and he knew he had to get her attention before anyone else.

During the first mixer, he didn’t waste any time taking her away from the partying crowd. Brooke was impressed by this approach and the way he paid attention to even the smallest details and let her in.

During this one-on-one and their deeper first date, the two kissed, which made Cru very happy with his progress. Brooke wanted to test Cru’s loyalty, so she asked him to get matching tattoos, which he did without hesitation.

Brook and Cru Where Are They Now?

Brook Mora is a well-known face on the Back In Groove set. She works for the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer. Brooke won her first bikini competition in 2009, and less than a year later, she won the IFBB competition.


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The holistic functional fitness expert is a personal trainer who is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and wants to help other people live healthier lives.

In the show, Cru Eaton was shown to be a tattoo artist. He had already said on Facebook that he would be a manager at the G3 Solar Manager starting on April 19, 2020. He also said that he worked at Solutions Reach, a company that sold software, and that he delivered pizzas for Domino’s part-time.


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