How to Remove Yourself from Anywho & Overview Opt-Out?

0 is a website that lets you look for people by using information from the yellow and white pages. AnyWho lets you search by name, last name, location, ZIP code, address, phone number, or email address.

How to Remove Your Information From Anywho?


Using OneRep’s automated removal tool is the easiest way to opt out of AnyWho and 189 other sites.

This is why:

  • AnyWho removal is done automatically by OneRep.
  • You can choose not to share your information with 189 other data brokers.
  • Keeps an eye on the web and deletes your information if it comes back.

Click here if you want a quick and easy way to get rid of your information.’

The Manual Opt Out of Anywho

Go to and use your name, last name, and phone number to try to find yourself.


  1. Click on “View full profile” next to your listing.
  2. If you are sure that this is your profile, click the “Remove listing” button below.
  3. You will be sent to the page where you can say no. Fill out the opt-out form, enter the code word, and click the “Remove Me” button. Wait for 1 day of business.
  4. Please give the request one business day to be processed after it has been accepted.

If you can’t send the form online for some reason, send your exact listing (with phone number) and your signature to

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anywho Phone Lookup Free?

AnyWho is a free online directory that lets you look up people by name, address, or phone number. People’s phone numbers from all over the country are added to the AnyWho People Search every week.

Is There a Free Lookup for People?

Whitepages, Zaba Search, TinEye, and Peek are search engines. You are close competitors. Both of you offer a variety of free search services that make them some of the best free sites to find people. Read on to find out which one will work best for your needs.

How Can I Lookup a Person’s Phone Number for Free?

4 best free cell phone number lookup with name services
  1. FastPeopleSearch- Seriously free reverse phone lookup.
  2. Numlooker – Easiest reverse phone number lookup tool.
  3. CocoFinder – Best free reverse phone lookup tool.
  4. Instant Checkmate – Most affordable phone number lookup tool.

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