Anthony Reeves Net Worth: How Much Income Does He Make From His Career?


Anthony Reeves is an American TikToker and social media star who is known as “LuvAnthony.”People know him for the short lip-sync videos he posts on TikTok.

Along with his work on social media, he is also well-known as a fashion model who has worked for a number of well-known fashion brands. He has also become very popular and well-known on a number of other social media sites.

Name: Anthony Reeves
Birthday: November 7, 2001
Place of Birth: Ashland, Kentucky, United States
Profession: TikTok Star, Social Media Influencer
Net Worth: US $1.5 Million

Early Career

Anthony Reeves is 21 years old as of 2022. He was born on November 7, 2001. He was born and raised in Ashland, Kentucky, United States, in a stable Christian family. He was born and raised in the United States, and he is a Christian.

Anthony Reeves Net Worth

He went to a Local High School in Ashland, Kentucky, United States, to finish his early schooling. After that, he signed up for a local private university in the U.S. state of Kentucky, where he is now getting his higher education.

Since he was a child, he has always wanted to be a well-known celebrity and wanted to be a big star in his career.


Reeves first used Instagram when he was about 15 years old. He has gotten more than 4 million people to follow him on his verified page (luvanthony). So, there are no longer any photos or videos from before 2018 on his feed.

In 2019, Reeves increased the number of Instagram posts he made. Most of the pictures he posts are of himself alone or with a small group of friends. His Snapchat name is “anthonydreeves3,” and his Twitter name is “imanthonyreeves.”

TikTok is probably where Anthony’s dominance is most clear (formerly With more than 8.5 million followers and more than 410 million likes, he is way ahead of the rest. In his first video, he lip-syncs to NAV’s “Myself.” 2019 was without a doubt Reeves’ big year.


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People from Kentucky started following him in huge numbers, and his videos started getting millions of views. He has used popular songs like “FML” by Arizona Zervas, “S*x Talk” by Delli Boe, and “Cash Shit” by Megan Thee Stallion featuring DaBaby.

He has worked with, among others, Jaden Hossler, Avani Gregg, Payton Moormeier, Sam Hurley, and Josh Richards. Reeves started his YouTube channel in January 2019, and in August 2019, he posted his first video, “First YouTube Video Ahaha.”

After just one 1-minute video, more than 355K people have signed up for the channel. It’s not clear when or how often new content will be added. Last but not least, Reeves works for TalentX Entertainment right now.

Tal Fishman, Jaden Hossler, Kio Cyr, Griffin Johnson, and many others are all part of the talent building service. They were also the ones who made the Sway House social media group.

Anthony Reeves Net Worth

According to thewikifeed, Anthony Reeves has a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022. Most of his net worth comes from ads on his Instagram account.

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Reeves is a supporter of brands like Supreme New York (2018). Anthony Reeves’s merchandise connects his fans to the people who make it. It has his name printed on hoodies, t-shirts, and caps.

Personal Life

Anthony Reeves’s father is named Mr. Reeves and works in business. His mother, Lisa Reeves, stays at home and takes care of the family. He also has three younger brothers, but the public doesn’t know what their names are.

Anthony Reeves Net Worth

Anthony Reeves hasn’t gotten married yet. Avani Gregg is a well-known Instagrammer and social media influencer, and he is dating her. In 2019, they started dating, and since then, they have become very close.


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