Ampreviews: What About Monetization?


What is Amp?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) library is an open-source tool that shows developers how to make web pages that load for users almost instantly. In theory, AMP makes all layouts and functions more flexible and gives you more ways to customise them by building on the framework you already have.

Benefits of Amp?

Google AMP should load the information on your web page in less than one second, so your target audience can quickly find the information they want. Which, in the end, makes users more interested in the content and open to the marketing messages. And much more likely to follow the plan you want them to follow. Good, that seems to be a plan that could work.

What About Monetization?

The good news is just around the corner. Because AMP didn’t have header bidding at first, there was a lot less competition, which made CPMs lower. The CPMs of our publisher partners who switched to AMP dropped by up to 50 percent in the first few months after they did so.



A pretty disappointing situation, especially considering how much money was spent on development to be one of the first to use AMP. Still, the header bidders are now taking part in AMP again, thanks to the development of Prebid server-to-server technology.

And they are in a position of power. We’ve seen that the CPMs for AdX and header bidders on AMP and mobile are the same. Also, native networks get much better results, with CPMs that are up to 50% higher on AMP.


In general, people in the publishing world have many different thoughts about AMP. If AMP pages load faster, making the user experience better and leading to a rise in CPMs, the question is whether or not the extra costs of development are worth it. It might be hard to put the plan into action, and it might be even harder to put ads into action.

And AMP only works with Google Analytics for WordPress users; it doesn’t work with any other analytics platforms and isn’t flexible in this way. But you will be rewarded if you stick with AMP and are willing to give up some of the problems listed above in exchange for higher CPMs.

Adapex will keep an eye on the work of the advisory committee and share new information about AMP as it comes in. We are always happy to talk to you about our experiences with AMP and other new trends so that you can make decisions that will be best for your business.

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