Altered Carbon Season 3: Possible Release Date On Netflix!


An ambitious cyberpunk thriller based on Richard K. Morgan’s novel Altered Carbon took Netflix years to bring to life. However, Altered Carbon finally appeared on Netflix in February 2018 with a 10-episode first season thanks to its massive locked and loaded, allowing the series’ team to go all out with sci-fi madness. This alternate reality drama, in which humans have discovered a way to digitize their consciousness, quickly gained popularity among viewers and was promptly renewed by the streaming service only a few months after its debut. Fans have been speculating about the possibility of a third season since Netflix released Altered Carbon season 2 in February 2020.

Altered Carbon’s third season has yet to be announced. Many unanswered questions remain following the season 2 finale of Altered Carbon, in which dead things don’t actually stay that way. So, who will star in a possible third season, given that season 2 ended with some of the series’ most notable characters showing little compassion (much like the fantasy drama Game of Thrones on HBO regularly killed off important individuals with little regret)? Better yet, are the main characters’ stacks truly gone, or will they reappear if only sleeve damage is sustained, as is customary in television?

Until Netflix releases a new batch of episodes, so many questions will remain unanswered. As far as we know, this is all we know about what a possible Altered Carbon season 3 might look like and feel.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Release Date & Confirmation On Netflix!

When Can We Expect the Third and Final Season of Altered Carbon?

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for the third season of Altered Carbon. However, a jigsaw puzzle can be put together from the information that is currently available.

Season 3 of Altered Carbon will not be available on Netflix until early 2022, assuming the show is renewed. Altered Carbon season 3 should be well worth the two-year wait, even though you’ll probably binge-watch it in a weekend or less in the meantime. You can watch the second chapter again, go back to the first, or explore the spin-off universe in the meantime.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Release Date & Confirmation On Netflix!

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Who Are the Altered Carbon Cast Members for Season 3?

For Altered Carbon season 3, there has been no announcement or casting choices made, so it is impossible to speculate about who might be cast in the upcoming season. Even though O.G. Kovacs’s stack was destroyed, the humanoid AI Edgar Poe (played by Chris Conner) is implied to have backed up a copy of himself (Byron Mann). In an interview with IGN, showrunner Alison Schapker confirmed this.

As a group, we all loved the end of Season 1 when Kovacs gave Elias Ryker’s sleeve back to Ortega, and then you see these boots walking out of the elevator and you’re like, ‘I think Kovacs is returning, but in what sleeve?’ Schapker says so. Season 2 had to be a continuation of that promise. While Poe has been battling deterioration throughout the season, we loved the idea of him sacrificing himself in a moment of nobility in order to imitate Kovacs. Our promise to the audience is that there will be Takeshi Kovacs’ consciousness, as well as his stack. But we’ll have to wait and see what she has up her sleeve.”

As in Season 2, fans are eagerly anticipating a return of Anthony Mackie, who played Kovacs in that season. Since Joel Kinnaman replaced Mackie in the first season, it’s unlikely that he’ll be back if the authors continue to resleeve each season. However, Mackie may show up in flashbacks at some point. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor has stated that he hopes to bring Kovacs back next season and isn’t ready to hang up his Altered Carbon boots just yet. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m ready to end the series.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Release Date & Confirmation On Netflix!

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Season 3 of Altered Carbon Has What?

Your guess is as good as anyone else’s when it comes to the plot of a potential Altered Carbon season 3, including Schapker’s. “I have certain wishes, but we’re waiting for official confirmation from Netflix,” Schapker told The Hollywood Reporter in early March 2020. A pickup truck isn’t something that we have on hand. Just for a few months, we’re here. Please bring back season three. However, I’m not sure how much information I can share about my ideas. Then again, we’re all set!

Most important is what happened to Kovacs and his sister Reileen, who was last seen in Altered Carbon season 2. Whatever character he’s playing, everyone wants to see Mackie back on screen. If the show’s producers decide to bring him back, it’s not impossible. As long as there are sleeves resembling Mackie’s, they’ll likely write his persona into a script. Before the season 3 announcement, there will be an endless amount of questions and rumors, but we do know that what’s dead doesn’t always stay true – provided the stack is fine.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Release Date & Confirmation On Netflix!

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The First Look:

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