All for Love Season 2: Get the Latest Updates of This Upcoming Season

Ahead are spoilers for Season 1 of All for Love. The story of All for Love is not new to Netflix. The first episode of the romance show, called “Amar y Vivir,” aired on Colombia’s Caracol TV in January. It was a remake of a popular telenovela from the 1980s with the same name, which was also made into a movie in 1989. Most of the time, the new version stays true to the spirit of the original. But it also has a different ending that could lead to a second season of All for Love.

All for Love follows the story of mechanic Joaquin (Carlos Torres) and singer Irene (Ana Maria Estupian), who fall in love even though they live very different lives. Joaquin ends up getting caught up in a life of crime, which leads to his death and the end of his relationship with Irene. But in Amar y Vivir, he doesn’t die. Instead, he turns himself in, gets 15 years in prison, and then gets back together with Irene.

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Fans had a lot of different feelings about the ending, as shown by the flood of emotional memes and GIFs under the hashtag #AmarYVivir on Twitter. Kantar IBOPE Media, a company that tracks how people use media, says that the show was the most popular network show during the week of its April 14 finale.

all for love season 2

Even though it was popular, the show has not yet been picked up for a second season in Colombia. The network may be waiting to see how well it does in other countries. Or maybe they only made one season because they wanted to stay true to the original story.

This is about Season 2 in general. Seasin 1:Talk about it

All for Love; or, the World Well Lost, written by John Dryden in 1677, is now his best-known and most-performed heroic drama. It is a tragedy written in blank verse, and Dryden wrote it to bring serious drama back to life. It’s a copy of Antony and Cleopatra by Shakespeare, and it’s about the last hours of the hero and heroine’s lives.

Background All for Love

Even though it seems to be about the same thing as Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, Dryden keeps the action in Alexandria and focuses on the end of their doomed relationship. It was first performed in 1677, brought back in 1704, and put on 123 times between 1700 and 1800. It became the most popular version of the story, and Shakespeare’s play didn’t come back to the London stage until 1813.

Charles Hart played Marc Antony and Elizabeth Boutell played Cleopatra in the 1677 production by the King’s Company. Michael Mohun played Ventidius and Katherine Corey played Octavia.

[3] In February 1704, the play was put on again at Lincoln’s Inn Fields with Betterton as Antony, Mrs. Barry as Cleopatra, Wilks as Dolabella, and Mrs. Bracegirdle as Octavia. In December 1718, the play was put on again at Drury Lane with Booth as Antony, Mrs. Oldfield as Cleopatra, and Mrs. Porter as Octavia.

Synopsis of All for Love

Edward Edwards’s 1777 painting of Mary Ann Yates as Cleopatra.

all for love season 2


Onest Act

Serapion talks about storms, whirlwinds, and the Nile flooding as signs that Egypt is about to end. Alexas, Cleopatra’s eunuch, doesn’t believe what Serapion says and is more interested in how Cleopatra feels about Antony. He sees how much Cleopatra loves Antony and worries that Antony won’t want to see Cleopatra anymore. Serapion throws a festival in honour of Antony because of this.

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Ventidius, a Roman general, comes to aide Antony in Alexandria. Ventidius doesn’t like the way Antony treats Cleopatra, so he offers to give Antony troops if he leaves her. Antony is insulted by what Ventidius says about Cleopatra, but he agrees with him.

Part 2

Cleopatra is sad because she doesn’t have Antony. Charmion, who works as a servant for Cleopatra, tries to set up a meeting between Cleopatra and Antony, but she fails. So, Cleopatra sends Alexas with gifts to try to get Antony back (jewels including a bracelet). Alexas tells Cleopatra that she should tie the bracelet around Antony’s wrist.

Ventidius shows up at the next meeting between Cleopatra and Antony and tries to say that Cleopatra is not Antony’s rightful partner and that she would betray him to protect herself. But Cleopatra wins this argument by showing a letter that shows she turned down Octavius’s offer of Egypt and Syria. Antony is so happy about Cleopatra’s decision that he tells her he loves her.

Third Act

Antony is coming back from battle, and he is so in love with Cleopatra that he can’t stand it. Ventidius comes to talk to Antony, who tries to run away but can’t. Antony doesn’t want to go to war again, but he has no idea how to stop it.

Ventidius brings out Dolabella because he thinks she can help him. Antony’s friend Dolabella shows up after Antony wins a battle. Dolabella was sent away because he loved Cleopatra, but when he comes back, Antony gives him a warm welcome.

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Dolabella gives Antony and Caesar a gift that will make them get along with each other. The gift is Antony’s real wife, Octavia, who is also Caesar’s sister, and his two daughters. Octavia tells Antony that the war will end when he comes back to where he belongs, by her side. Antony and Octavia get back together, and Alexas’s attempts to help Cleopatra by getting in the way are turned down. Cleopatra seems to know that she has lost.

Alexas tells her to stay away from Octavia, but Cleopatra wants to fight against her. When Cleopatra and Octavia have a fight, it seems clear that Antony should belong to Octavia, even if he loves Cleopatra more.

Fourth Act.

Octavia has convinced Antony that his rightful place is with her and his children in Rome. Antony wants to leave, but he doesn’t have the courage to tell Cleopatra. Antony tells Dolabella to tell Cleopatra that he is leaving so that he can’t be talked into staying. Ventidius finds out that Dolabella is going to see Cleopatra to say goodbye.

He also sees her making plans with Alexas to make Antony feel jealous through Dolabella. Ventidius and Octavia see Dolabella take Cleopatra’s hand, but when it’s time to make a romantic move, they can’t do it because they feel bad about betraying their friends. Ventidius tells Antony that Cleopatra and Dollabella are now a couple, and that Octavia can confirm this.

Then, Ventidius asks Alexas to tell the same story, which Alexas thinks is true. Antony is furious about this news, but he is still looking for a way to prove that Cleopatra is innocent. Antony’s belief that Cleopatra is not guilty hurts Octavia, so she leaves for good. Antony doesn’t believe Dolabella and Cleopatra when they try to explain who they are. Cleopatra when they try to explain who they are.all for love season 2

Fifth Act

Antony takes Cleopatra’s fleet of ships and goes to fight Caesar. The fleet he is in charge of turns against him, and his soldiers talk to their enemies like they are old friends. They decide to attack Alexandria as a group. Alexas tells Cleopatra to run away and that he will try to make things right with Caesar. Cleopatra tells him that if he does this, he will be a traitor and can’t go to Caesar. Cleopatra runs away, leaving Alexas behind. Antony and Ventidius get together and get ready for a fight. Alexas comes up with a lie to save his own life. He tells Antony that Cleopatra has died.

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Antony then tells Ventidius to kill himself, but Ventidius refuses and does it himself. Now that Ventidius is dead, Antony tries to kill himself but fails. Then Cleopatra comes in and sees Antony, who is still alive but about to die. Antony dies. Then, both Cleopatra and her ladies-in-waiting die when snakes bite them. Serapion gives their eulogy while the other characters wait for the victorious Caesar Augustus to show up.

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