Alisha Boe Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make From Her Career?


As of 2022, Alisha Boe, an American actress, has a net worth of $2 million. She became famous young and is one of the rising stars in the American entertainment business. Alisha became well-known after she was cast in the Netflix drama series 13 Reasons Why.

She played Jessica Davis in the show and got a lot of praise for it. The actress got even more famous when she was a guest star on popular shows like Days of Our Lives, Modern Family, NCIS, and many others.

Alisha is also very active on social media sites like Instagram, where she has almost 4 million fans who follow her. Aside from acting, she was in the music videos for songs like “Lost in Japan” by Shawn Mendes, “Zed,” and “Why Don’t You Touch Me: Part 1” by Leon Bridges.

Alisha Boe Early Life

Alisha Boe was born in Oslo, Norway, on March 6, 1997. She is 25 years old right now. Her mother, Vibeke Boe, comes from Norway, and her father is from Somalia. When she was too young, her parents split up.

By the time Alisha was 7, her mother had remarried an American and moved to Los Angeles with him. Alisha also has a brother, but she keeps her personal life private and hasn’t said much about her family.

Alisha Boe Net Worth

She went to high school in Los Angeles at El Camino Real High School, where she also took part in the drama programme. After that, she went to the George Ellery Hale middle school to finish high school.

She also went to Olin Virtual Academy during her last two years of high school. She went on to become an actress after she graduated, and she was the first Somali-American actress to play the main character in an American movie.

Alisha Boe Career

In 2008, Alisha Boe started her career as an actress. Her first role was as Lisa Swan in the horror movie Amusement, which she played when she was a child. In the movie He’s On My Mind, which came out the next year, Alisha played Laci.

In 2012, she played Tara in the supernatural horror film Paranormal Activity 4. In 2017, she played Violet in the comedy-horror film 68 Kill. In 2019, she will play Alexa O’Connor in Gates of Darkness, Chloe in Poms, and more. In the American comedy Lila When You Finish Saving the World, which came out in 2022, she played Lila.


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Alisha Boe’s first role on TV was as Chelsea Trassen in the sitcom Trophy Wife, which she played for the first time in 2013. The very next year, she was cast as Tracy McCoy on the TV show Modern family, which is on the ABC network. Then, she played Brynn Hendy as a guest star in two episodes of the science-fiction drama Extant.

In 2014, Alisha started playing Daphne in Days of Our Lives, which is a daytime soap opera. Alisha’s career took a big turn when she started playing Jessica Davis in the Netflix teen drama TV show 13 Reasons Why. She was in this show from 2017 to 2020 and became very popular in the entertainment business.

Alisha Boe Net Worth

According to biooverview, as of 2022, Alisha Boe’s estimated net worth is around $2 million US dollars. She is one of the best new actresses in the entertainment business, and she has been in a number of TV shows and movies. She became famous after being in the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. Since then, she has made a lot of money from movies she has been in.

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How Much Income Does She Make Every Year?

Her main source of money comes from the fact that she works as an actress. Some sources say that Alisha Boe makes around $135,000 per episode, which is a great accomplishment.

Alisha Boe Net Worth

She also makes a lot of money from commercials, brand endorsements, and other things. Alisha Boe brings in more than $300,000 a year.


Is Alisha Boe Biracial?

“It was hard for me to book roles when I was a young teen,” said Boe, whose father is Somali and mother is Norwegian. “It just didn’t include mixed, racially ambiguous, or black people in general.” “There was nothing in the breakdown about that.

Is Alisha Boe in a Relationship?

Alisha Boe, whose real name is Jessica Davis, seems to be single right now, but she was Shawn Mendes’s love interest in his music video for “Lost in Japan” in October 2018.

Is Alisha Boe White?

In the same interview with W, the actress said that she was often asked to try out for Hispanic or Asian roles because “it just wasn’t inclusive for mixed, ethnically ambiguous, or black people in general” at the time. She also said that her identity “was a very important part of my life.” As a Norwegian-Somali person,


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