Alejandro Aranda Net Worth 2022: What is Alejandro Aranda’s musical style?

Pomona’s Alejandro Aranda is a singer and musician. He received a great deal of attention during season 17 of American Idol. He was one of the many outstanding performers in the show. After the performance, he was praised for his singing and talent.

Early Years

Alejandro was born and raised in Pomona, California. On August 11, 1994, his birth occurred. As a result, his zodiac sign is Leo.

He stated in an interview that he did not know this family very well. Due to this, he may not have discussed his family in the news. We do not know his parents’ names or occupations at this time.

His family history information is being investigated. We hope that one day artists will discuss it and that it will be altered.

Profession in Music

Alejandro Aranda has always had a passion for music. He taught himself to play the guitar, piano, and various other instruments. Then, he began to develop his singing voice. Following his attendance at a party, he adopted the stage name “Scarypoolparty.”

When he auditioned for Season 17 of American Idol, luck was on his side. At the audition, he performed his original composition “Out Loud.” Every judge was blown away by the performance.


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Lionel Richie was so impressed that he stood and applauded Alejandro loudly. In the performance, he sang well enough to earn a golden ticket.

No matter how far he advanced on American Idol, Alejandro always gave his all. This elevated him to prominence and garnered him many followers.

He has a YouTube channel titled “Scarypoolparty” with over 145 thousand subscribers. Similarly, over 665 thousand individuals follow him on Instagram. His music and compositions are shared on his Instagram page.

The young artist has received numerous prestigious awards, including “Northridge’s Artist of the Year” and “Five of a Kind Entertainment.”

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Alejandro Aranda: Personal Life & Girlfriend

The professional life of the reality show star has been captured on camera, but his personal life has been kept private. It is unclear what his current relationship is, but he has been hurt in the past.

According to his Instagram page, he has composed songs about his prior relationship. However, he has said nothing about this.


In addition, he claims that he is the most uninteresting person in the world and that his only interests are music and food. Even though his stage name is “Scarypoolparty,” he claims he does not use drugs or party excessively.

He only mentions that he works diligently and that music is his life. Lionel Richie stated on the show that one of Aranda’s best qualities is his humanity.

Alejandro Aranda Age

In 2022, Alejandro Aranda, a young musician born on 11 August 1994, will be 27 years old. Additionally, he is a Leo because he was born on August 11; thus, he is a Leo.

Weight and Stature

Alejandro is tall, dark, and handsome. His height of 5 feet 9 inches makes him attractive. Similarly, he weighs about 75 kilogrammes.

He has said nothing about how he exercises or maintains his fitness. His bicep measures 14 inches, and his body dimensions are 38-30-35. (chest-waist-hips).

The American Idol contestant who finished in second place has been making a comfortable living. Additionally, he may be earning money from his other businesses.

Consequently, he has not disclosed his exact salary or income. However, his estimated net worth is $300,000.

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When American Idol Is Cancelled

Tickets for his upcoming seven-city tour of the United States in July 2019 sold out in minutes. He stated that he will perform a free concert in Nashville on July 3, 2019, because his fans adore him so much.

On June 28, 2019, following his signing with Hollywood Records, he released the single “Tonight.” In addition, hr released the ballad “Cho Love” on August 7 and their second single “Diamonds” on October 4.

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Frequent Requested Information

How Much Money Did American Idol Winner Alejandro Aranda Win?

Not enough time has passed since the beginning of the young musician’s career. Alejandro Aranda placed second on American Idol and received a prize of $170,000. A contract was also granted by a record label.

What is Alejandro Aranda’s musical style?

He also plays the piano and guitar. Following her performance on season 17 of American Idol, Alejandro Aranda gained a large following. On April 6, 2019, he performed two of his songs, Out Loud and Cholo Love, at an audition in Los Angeles.

What Does American Idol’s Alejandro Currently Do?

After American Idol, he signed a lucrative contract with Hollywood Records and hasn’t looked back since. The number of people who listen to him every month on Spotify is a good indicator of his most devoted fans.


Alejandro was born and raised in Pomona, California. On August 11, 1994, his birth occurred. As a result, his zodiac sign is Leo. Consequently, he has not disclosed his exact salary or income. However, his estimated net worth is greater than $350,000.

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