How to Use Alabama Unemployment Tracker in 2022?

Alabama’s Department of Labor has launched a new unemployment app called Alabama Unemployment. The app was created to assist residents of Alabama in overcoming the recent Pandemic problem.

  • Alabama residents can take advantage of the following benefits via the app.
  • Individuals may file for unemployment compensation.
  • They might inquire about the status of the claim.
  • They can verify the sum received.

Individuals may download the application from the Department of Labor’s official website. The most recent version addressed all bugs and issues with the app. It is completely secure and is available for free download.

Features of the Alabama Unemployment App

  • It aids in the job search process.
  • You may submit a Claim.
  • Contributes to the claim’s tracking.
  • Take advantage of employee training programmes.
  • You may create an eGov Account.
  • You can check the status of a claimed amount.
  • claim tracker for the state of Alabama

Who Qualifies?

Any person who has worked or is now working in the United States is eligible to receive benefits. Ascertain that they have worked for a minimum of 12 months.
Individuals whose spouse/husband is an active duty military member may also claim.

Criteria for Eligibility

To apply for Alabama unemployment compensation, you must furnish the following information.

  • Your Current Residence.
  • Your most recent employer’s dates of employment.
  • Individual’s Social Security Number.
  • Identification (such as a driver’s licence, a state-issued identification card, or your mother’s maiden name).

Frequently Asked Questions About Alabama Unemployment Benefits

How do I submit a claim?

You may submit a claim using any of your mobile devices. To file a claim, call 1-866-234-5382 or go to

Am I Eligible if I Am Laid Off or Quit My Job?

Yes, you will, but there are some restrictions…

You must be physically capable of working, available for work, prepared to accept a suitable job, actively seeking full-time employment, and unemployed through no fault of your own.

If you quit your employment, you must have documents that you did so for a legitimate work-related reason.

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If you are terminated, you must demonstrate that it was for a work-related reason as defined in the Alabama UC Law.

Will You Be Eligible for Benefits if You Already Work Part-time?

Yes, if your total weekly earnings are less than your weekly benefit.

If My Employer Reduces My Work Hours, Will I Be Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

Yes, but only if you have not requested a reduction and your weekly earnings are less than the weekly benefit amount.

What Is the Weekly Benefit Amount I Will Receive?

You will receive a sum ranging from $45 to $275. (Amount will be calculated using your base period earnings)

How Do I Verify the Status of My Claim/benefits?

Navigate to and click on the ‘View Claim status’ link.Amount of benefits claimed

Following that, input your Social Security Number and PIN and click the Login Button. You can check your status there. App for unemployment benefits

How Can I Obtain a Number for Unemployment Assistance?

Visit this link to obtain the contact information for the appropriate department:

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