Does Addison Rae Have an Account on Onlyfans in the Year 2022?


In the last few days, there have been rumors on the internet that the actress and TikTok personality has joined the site.

This kind of speculation has gone viral before, but for some reason, the topic is trending again.

We are going over everything we know about the platform and what Addison has said about it in the past.

Does Addison Rae Have an Onlyfans?

No, Addison Rae, a star on the app TikTok, has not joined OnlyFans. False rumors have spread like wildfire on the internet because of clickbait headlines on fake news stories from websites that can’t be trusted. A lot of social media users have been fooled by this.

It’s no surprise that the topic is trending on Twitter, where many people want to know if the rumors are true in 2022.

Addison Rae Onlyfans

Timothy Stokely, an entrepreneur in London, started the subscription-based platform OnlyFans, which became very popular during the pandemic.

Cardi B, Bella Thorne, and Tyler Posey are among the famous people who have joined the site, which lets content creators make money by using their platform.

What Has Addison Already said About the Platform?

Addison has talked about OnlyFans in the past, which some fans of the He’s All That star may not know. Addison and singer Madison Beer were asked if they would ever join the platform during an interview on David Dobrik’s podcast.

Madison praised other stars for being brave enough to share content on the site, but she said she was going to focus on her music career. Addison wants to spend more time doing what she loves, which is dancing.

The TikTok star added to what Madison said and said, “I was going to say I was going to do it, but I’m not.” I feel like that makes sense. If I were to take everything I have and put it differently, it would probably be like continuing to dance and hopefully dancing for shows.

What Has Addison Been Getting Up To?

But besides dancing, Addison is also putting a lot of effort into her acting career. We told you earlier this month that the TikTok star has been cast in the new movie Fashionista by Paramount Players.


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Details about the plot, Addison’s role, and the other actors haven’t been announced yet. Laura Terruso wrote the script for the movie, which was based on a draught by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer.

Addison’s first big role was in the Netflix romance movie. Tanner Buchanan, who was in Cobra Kai, was also in He’s All That last summer.

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