“A Christmas Story Christmas”: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Everything Else You Need to Know


During the holiday season of 1983, Black Christmas director Bob Clark took the audience back to the 1940s and introduced them to the beloved Parker family. More specifically, we met Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley) as he tried everything to get his parents to buy him a BB gun, but they kept telling him he would shoot out his eye.

The movie didn’t do very well at the box office when it came out, but over the years it has become one of the most famous and loved holiday movies of all time. The movie is not only easy to quote and makes you laugh out loud, but it also has parts that any family that celebrates Christmas will recognize.

Most importantly, the family dynamic is one of the best in any holiday movie, with people driving each other crazy one minute and comforting each other the next. A Christmas Story (1983) is so well-known that everyone on the street can quote at least one line from Ralphie’s story that it doesn’t even seem fair to call it a cult classic.

The marketing potential of the famous movie is also off the charts. Every year, a lot of merchandise and Christmas decorations are made based on the movie, and the famous, fragile leg lamp shows up almost every time.

In 2012, the movie was turned into a musical on Broadway. The musical was nominated for three Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Lastly, TBS shows A Christmas Story over and over again for 24 hours as part of a marathon to show how much people love it. Given the holiday movie’s unexpectedly huge popularity, a sequel was becoming more likely, even if it wasn’t necessary…

A Christmas Story 2 came out in 2012, and we’ve done everything we can to forget that it exists. A Christmas Story Christmas, a sequel, will come out later this year, which is good news (2022).

Now Ralphie is an adult in the 1970s, and unlike that straight-to-video sequel that we’re still going to pretend never happened, A Christmas Story Christmas will have some of the same actors from the original classic.

A Christmas Story Christmas

Who exactly is coming back this time? Is the new movie coming out or already in theaters? Will we ever find out if Little Orphan Annie’s secret message was about more than just telling kids to drink their Ovaltine? Read on to find out what we know so far about Ralphie Parker’s return (as well as a few of his old friends).

What is the Release Date for A Christmas Story Christmas?

When it was announced, it was confirmed that A Christmas Story Christmas will only be on HBO Max when it comes out later this holiday season. As of right now, there are no plans to show the movie in theaters, which pretty much kills Ralphie’s chances of winning an Oscar. Ralphie probably would have poked his eye out again with the trophy, so it’s probably for the best.

HBO Max is daring fans to watch on November 17, 2022, to see Ralphie’s friends and family come back. It’s not a coincidence that this came out almost exactly 39 years after the first classic song that started it all.

What is the Plot of A Christmas Story Christmas?

The official, short summary of A Christmas Story Christmas shows that this will be Ralphie’s most personal story yet, with a main character who is much wiser and more grown-up now that he is an adult.

The story is about Ralphie, who is now an adult, and how he goes back to the house on Cleveland Street to give his kids a magical Christmas like the one he had when he was a kid. He meets up with his old friends and comes to terms with the death of his Old Man.

This last line suggests that at least some of the sequel will be a tribute to Darren McGavin, whose role as Ralphie’s foul-mouthed father became one of his most famous. Now that Ralphie has a family of his own, he has taken on the role of patriarch. Only time will tell if he follows in his father’s footsteps or tries something completely different this holiday season.

Who Is the Cast of A Christmas Story Christmas?

The return of Peter Billingsley as Ralphie is by far the most important news. Since playing the iconic role, Billingsley has mostly stuck to small cameos, like Ming Ming the Elf in Elf (2003) and Iron Man (2008) and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2014), both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (2019).

A Christmas Story Christmas

Billingsley isn’t the only famous person who is coming back. Ian Petrella (Crimes of Passion) will be back as Ralphie’s brother Randy Parker, Scott Schwartz (The Toy) will be back as the frozen pole-licking Flick, R.D. Robb (Matilda) will be back as the triple dog daring Schwartz, and Zack Ward (Freddy vs. Jason) will be back as Ralphie’s former bully Scut Farkas, who has reportedly become a police officer since.

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Melinda Dillon (Close Encounters of the Third Kind), who played Ralphie’s mother in the first movie, is one of the few big names who won’t be back. Instead, Julie Hagerty (Airplane!) is said to be playing the part.

Ralphie’s wife, Sandy, played by Erinn Hayes (Bill & Ted Face the Music), and his children, Mark and Julie, played by River Drosche (Gaslit) and Julianna Layne (Prodigal Son), round out the rest of the cast.

Who’s Making A Christmas Story Christmas?

Peter Billingsley (Iron Man) will star in the movie, and he and Vince Vaughn (The Internship), Mike Drake (Riddick), Iliya Sotirov (The Toxic Avenger), and Nick Schenk will also produce it (Manhunt). Gran Torino (2008) was written by Schenk, and the film’s director, Clay Kaytis, will also be writing with Schenk (The Christmas Chronicles).

Other members of the happy film crew are composer Jeff Morrow (Olaf’s Frozen Adventure), editor David Heinz (The Call of the Wild), and costume designer Shay Cunliffe (Westworld).

A Christmas Story Christmas Trailer

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