8 Photo Hacks: Every Photographer’s Secrets for Taking Creative Images


Are you looking for the most creative photography techniques to improve your skills? Because photography is an ever-expanding discipline, it may appear difficult to keep up with all of the most latest equipment and accessories. One can be envious of photographers who appear to own every conceivable camera and lens. However, you need not spend a fortune on brand-new equipment to remain competitive.

In reality, many of the most exciting photographic techniques do not require a substantial investment. With little more than a smartphone or a basic DSLR and an original shooting site, you may perform a number of creative photography hacks. A unique setting for a photo shoot? Indeed, I do. And Peerspace is completely aware of this fact.

As the largest online marketplace for peer-to-peer venue rentals, we provide a vast array of beautiful locations that may be reserved by the hour. A fellow photographer or a designer can provide you with a portrait studio or a creative space, respectively. Visit our website to find out what is available in your area. It could even result in a brand-new endeavour! Here are twenty of our most creative photography advice for beginner and professional photographers, accompanied by photographs taken at actual Peerspace locations.

Construct a Lightbox Yourself

A lightbox is required for any product photography that requires taking well-lit photographs of small objects. You may make your own lightbox from a cardboard box and a piece of simple white fabric. By rigging it yourself with tape and scissors, you can save $100.

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Utilize a Sandwich Bag.

Want to create a hazy and ethereal effect? A plastic quart-sized bag is all that’s required to make it happen. To produce a handmade haze effect, place a plastic sandwich bag over your lens.

8 Photo Hacks

Using Fishing Line

Lens flare can add liveliness to an outdoor landscape photograph. To achieve this look, wrap a short length of fishing wire around the lens. Only light reflected from the wire will be seen in the final photograph.

Send Fiber Through

Create a soft edge around your subject by stretching out your favourite festive sweater in front of the camera. To achieve the desired impression, simply ensure that their face is in crisp focus and the wool is removed.

Use a Tilt-shift Application, No. 10.

Although tilt-shift lenses can be purchased, they can be fairly costly. Instagram is among the many smartphone apps that include tilt-shift functionality. To give your photographs a bizarre, miniature-model appearance, simply apply this effect.

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The Gun Should Be Passed Through the Tea Strainer.

Raise a tea strainer in front of the camera to produce shadows on the model’s face. To change the patterns, modify the spacing between them.

8 Photo Hacks

Make Your Mobile Device’s Macro Lens.

Remove the tiny macro lens from an ancient DVD player or laser pointer by disassembling the device. You may either superglue it to the smartphone case or use a rubber band and a popsicle stick to secure it. Check out this guide for some creative ways to explore with texture in your photographs.

Wear Your Reading Glasses.

By pasting a spare pair of reading glasses in front of the lens of your smartphone’s camera, you can create a magnification effect. It can achieve the same results as lens ball photography without incurring the same expense.

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