5 Windows And Doors You’ll Find In Celebrity Homes


Do you love finding out where your favorite celebrities live? Rich people’s homes are always beautiful, but it’s not just because they’re enormous. Mansions only look fantastic with the right finishing touches sprinkled on.

You’ll never find unattractive windows and doors in a celebrity home. Let’s look at some examples you’ll be able to steal for yourself. You won’t be able to use every single one, but a few will make a big difference.

1. Patio Doors In The Garden

You must install bifold patio doors if you enjoy spending time in your garden. It’s the perfect way to let your outdoor seating area blend into your living room. It will feel like one giant space when summer rolls around.

Folding doors are superior because they take up less space, but traditional ones are okay if you want a different style. Using a single door to walk outside is annoying, especially if you’re throwing parties.

2. Egress Door In The Basement

Consider installing an egress window in your basement when ordering Belleville replacement windows. If you turn the basement into a little apartment, it will allow the occupant to come and go without walking through the house.

Most people appreciate egress windows because they’re excellent in emergencies. Everyone in the basement can escape within seconds, which helps during fires. You don’t want loved ones to find themselves trapped.

3. Dormer Windows In The Attic

Dormer windows make roofs look a hundred times more attractive, which is great if you care about curb appeal. Have you thought about turning your attic into a room? You will be able to increase the size of your home without moving.

Be careful if you have young kids because it will be easy to sneak onto the roof, which could result in an accident. You’ll have the nicest home in your neighborhood once you install dormer windows.

4. Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

It’s hard to beat floor-to-ceiling windows when it comes to luxury. Imagine what it feels like to live inside a glass house. I hope you live somewhere with lots of cool sights because the views will be top-notch.

I doubt you’ll be able to install floor-to-ceiling windows in every room, but it might be possible in your living room or bedroom. You will need to invest heavily in drapes because they’ll be the focal point of the room.

5. Skylight In Your Bedroom

If you have a skylight directly above your bed, you’ll be able to enjoy the stars at night. It will also help you wake up in the morning. Letting extra sunlight into your bedroom will keep it toasty during colder months.

Your bedroom will also feel larger and smell better, which are great bonuses. Put a skylight in your kitchen if it’s possible. It will benefit from better smells and extra light more than any other room in your home.

A Few More You Might Like

You can also put a bay window in your bedroom, picture windows in downstairs rooms, and sliding windows for extra airflow. There are a massive amount of window styles that will improve your home.

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