365 Days 3 Release Date: Netflix Has Finally Announced the Film’s Renewal?


Netflix’s smartest romantic-thriller sequel is back. Yes! True. The publication of 365 Days: this Day was an epic day for fans. 365 Days has broken several records as one of Netflix’s most anticipated Polish-English series. The sequel to the steamy movie was left incomplete, leaving fans wondering about 365 Days 3.

Laura and Massimo are in love and planning their wedding in the film. As we reached the series’ last episode, we discovered huge plot twists. The film’s future is uncertain.

Netflix will definitely make another season. Even though 365 Days was a contentious film, audiences loved it. The film immediately topped Netflix’s charts and became one of their most-viewed films ever.

Fantasy, romance, and BDSM scenes are why many appreciate the movie, but that’s not all. The Polish writer uses crime and thriller well in the show, and the tale keeps getting better.

In the Thai article, we’ll share all the newest facts about the upcoming movie 365 Days 3.

The hot Netflix movie series has two seasons and is working on a third. Blanka Lipiska’s trilogy inspired the film. Netflix released the second movie 2 years after the first. When the movie finally came out, it shook the globe.

Second part ended on cliffhanger. After seeing the finale, 365 Days 3 has a future. The movie series has been renewed. Official statements said,

“365 Days was a member favourite in 2020.” Blanka Lipinska, author of the 365 Days trilogy and screenwriter, is helping us tell Laura and Massimo’s story. Their journey together has many twists and turns as our characters develop and learn.

ukasz Kluskiewicz remarked, “We’re working with Blanka Lipinska.” The author of the 365 Days series and screenwriter will continue Laura and Massimo’s journey.

Despite public backlash. The picture distinguishes out among Netflix’s other offerings. 365 Days: This Day’s twists and turns have inspired hope. The movie’s emotional roller coaster has fans speculating about the next one.

When Is 365 Days 3 Out?

Finally! 365 Days 3 is returning. Fans are enthusiastic about the renewed news and insider news regarding filming. Netflix takes its programming seriously. Netflix announced both films when the second was revealed.

Netflix is working on the second and third films simultaneously. This pleased the two-year-waiting crowd. No release date has been announced. Netflix hasn’t announced the third installment’s release date.

According to the previous release schedule, Netflix will likely release the movie next year. 2023 could see 365 days 3.

365 Days 3 Cast: Who’s In It?

Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka will return for the third instalment. The gorgeous couple is ready for another chapter. We’ve seen how the last movie ended for these two, therefore the following one will undoubtedly have them as the leads.

Both actors will return as Laura and Massimo. Simone Susanna will play Nacho, the major antagonist in the second film, who kidnapped Laura. This wasn’t enough for the pair because he’s the son of a powerful mafia family that revived the Massimos.

Magdalena Lamparska and Otar Saralidze played Laura’s BFF Olga and Massimo’s Domenico in the second film. In the sequel, the couple got engaged; maybe their marriage is happier than Laura and Massimo’s.

365 Days 3 Plot: What Is All About?

As the wife of one of Sicily’s most deadly Mafia bosses, Laura’s life is a roller coaster. She’s a target of Massimo’s opponents, who will do anything to harm him.

When pregnant Laura is injured in an attack, Massimo must make the worst decision of his life. Without Laura, what’s he doing? Can he raise their child alone? How will his family’s 365 days end?

So, Laura and Massimo will be busy. Massiomo’s twin brother caused the couple plenty of grief. Anna shot Laura in the final scene, knowing she’s pregnant with Massimo’s child. The third film will be interesting. Laura and her baby… The upcoming film will reveal her fate.

Massimo was shot and left comatose in the book. They promptly transported her to the hospital, where Massimo was asked to rescue the baby or wife.

Laura must explain that she lost the baby in the first film’s accident. The third sequel is based on the same trilogy, therefore we may see similar scenarios.

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Netflix is known for making major story alterations, otherwise everything looks the same. The second novel concluded with Laura being shot, and the third began with Massimo choosing between Laura and their unborn child.

The first movie is identical to the text, which intrigues many. So, the second film’s improvements could lead to more in the third. The third book’s twists don’t excite fans. We hope this doesn’t happen again in the series.

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